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2007 Weight Loss
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27th-Mar-2010 11:10 pm - Intro
Hi names Sarah

Height 5'9"
Weight: 217lbs
Goal Weight: 160lbs

My problem here is that I used to weigh like 10 lbs less but I've been out of commission because of an injury.  Now for a month I've been walking about six days a week for about 25 to 30 minutes and every other day I've been doing very hard ab exercises and trying to watch what I eat.  I try not to not eat the things I like because then I end up gorging.  But lately it's easter and it is the worse time because I overindulge myself with jellybeans and mini chocolate eggs.  Now I don't normally do this.  But I wonder if it could be the fact that I just started to up my activity level or because I've started a new medication called topamax for migraines.  I try to eat salads and am mainly vegetarian, which means sometimes and rarely do I eat meat unless I'm around family members.  But I do eat fish.  I just would like to know some dieting tips that you guys do to lose weight.  And I used to weight 270lbs so I never want to get back up there.  I wear a size 14/16.  I don't have to shop in the plus section anymore.  But heck lane bryant has this cool thing called right fit.  Man they fit right!!  They make you look like two sizes smaller.  I feel so skinny in them.  Anyway thanks for letting me join.
15th-Mar-2010 08:35 pm - Weight loss free trials
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29th-Jul-2007 10:49 pm(no subject)
Just Friends
Hey, I'm new to this group

here's the basics about me:

Age: 17
Height: 5'3"
Highest Weight: 177 lbs
Lowest Weight: 140 lbs
Current Weight: 164 lbs
Goal Weight: 130 lbs

so pretty much, I'm a ridiculous weight for my height and i need to lose it. I'm about to go into my senior year and i don't want the fact that I'm fat to get in my way of enjoying this next year as much as possible. I've lost some weight so far this summer but i need to keep motivated because I've hit a bit of a wall. I am just looking for some people to talk about weight issues with which i think will keep up my motivation. I joined Medical Weight Loss Clinic recently, and at the beginning it was working out pretty well, but as i've said, i haven't lost any weight in the past 2 weeks. I don't exercise as much as i should, but i'm hoping that writing down everything in this community will get me working harder.

umkay thanks for listening :)
26th-Jul-2007 10:29 am - First Post
Scrubs:  Day Off 5
Hello everyone. I came across this community and wanted to join.

In the past two years, I have lost 74 pounds and then regained 10.

Thankfully, I work out 5 to 6 days of week - cardio and weights which helped keep the weight off but not helped me lose the last 30 pounds.

I joined weight watchers last Monday to curb my eating habits - stop going to restaurants often and eat healthier foods. This is the right track I am sure.

With this in hand and a new attitude, I know that by year's end I will be very close to reaching my goal weight.
24th-Jul-2007 03:13 am - New
So I guess this will be my chance to introduce myself. I'm hoping that this community stays very active so I can stay motivated.

Age: 19
Height: 5'2"
Highest Weight: 140 lbs
Lowest Weight: 115 lbs
Current Weight: 129 lbs
Goal WeightL 115 - 120 lbs

So my plan is to do The Firm workouts as much as possible, crunches everyday, and use some weights to work on my arms and back. I'd like to start jogging as well. Maybe my boyfriend and I can jog on the levee together. That'd be some good bonding time! :)
23rd-Jul-2007 04:01 am(no subject)

Hey everyone, I'm new obviously. My name is Stephanie, and i'm overweight! I am 6'0" in height, and 283 lbs in weight. I have a year to lose the necessary weight for me to go from a large size 18 to a size 16. My first goal is 10lbs, and after each checkpoint, i'll add 10 more lbs to lose. My current regime is to go for a run around my block, which I would say is about 1km in the morning, and again in the evening. I do not eat breakfast or lunch, and some may say that is the worst possible thing for me to do, however i haven't been eating lunch or breakfast for so many years that my body seems to have become accustomed to it, and when i do eat breakfast and lunch, i gain weight. i do however max out nutritionally on my dinners, having smaller portions, using a smaller plate rather than regular size plate, and i try to use fresh vegetables, etc. As well as running, I do 12 sit ups, and 12 leg ups every morning and evening, 4 push ups in the evening, and 24 raises with a 15lbs dumbell on each arm morning and evening. Starting this week I will be having one diet soda once a week. 

I have a gym membership to a gym, and pool in my area, 15lb weights, and an excersize ball. Any suggestions for other excersizes i could do? i'm hoping to be down to 215lbs by next June. However, as close as possible is best, I realize that weight loss is a constant struggle. I think it`s time for a change.

8th-Jul-2007 04:10 pm(no subject)
so I have tried, and tried and tried some more to lose weight, but I just can't do it on my own. I have decided to join Jenny Craig and I have an appointment tomorrow evening. I will be starting the meals on Tuesday and I am so excited! I have a lot of determination to lose weight this time, and I really believe that Jenny Craig will help me figure out portion sizes and whatnot. I'll update on wether(or not) it works, and how much I lose!
ps- I am hoping that it will work, and I am being optimistic that it will because I believe if I think it works, it will. ahah

Highest Weight- 180lbs
Lowest Weight- 155lbs
Current weight- 167lbs
Goal weight- anywhere between 120-130...I'm a runner, I want to be lighter but it depends on how I feel at 130

sooo wish me luck, I have a very good feeling that this is going to work. Good luck to everyone else as well, YOU CAN DO IT! =]!

Alright. So, I guess this could be considered kind of an introduction post. I'm new to the community. My name is Corinne. I'm seventeen, and I've kind of been struggling with my weight for a long time. Most of my life actually. I was always a little chunky, and even now I don't look as much as I weight, but I still weigh that much.  So...I guess stats and stuff?

Weight: 190
Height: 5'8
Waist: 34
Thighs: 25
Calves: 17
Upper Arms: 13
( all in inches, feet, and pounds)

I play volleyball and softball, so I have a lot of muscle, which could be why my weight is so high, but I also have a ton of fat on top of the muscle.

So, yeah. My long term goal weigth is 150. I'm not sure by when yet, I'm working toward there in small increments. But, my first goal is 180 by July 7. 10 pounds in a month and a week is doable, right? I've never really had a problem with excercising, I do it daily with sports. It's the food that gets to me. My step-dad can eat whatever he wants, and doesn't gain a pound, and my mom just doesn't care what she weighs. My little brother is getting chunky, but he really doesn't care. So, all through my house is just junk food. Everywhere. And, my mom has this whole thing where she doesn't want to be the only fat one in the house, so when I say I'm going on a diet, she'll go and buy my favorite ice cream, favorite cookies, ect. Kind of frustrating. But I'm going to do it this time.

So, my plan is anywhere between 1500 to 1800 calories a day, maybe a little less in a week or two once I get used to that. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have volleyball. In addition to that, Monday through Friday I want to start walking/jogging, just to get back into shape, for 20-30 minutes. And, some daily pushups and crunches in their just to work on strength.

So...that's it. I'm always open to friends, just comment and tell me you friended me. I love new people. I'm always here for support.

31st-May-2007 09:19 am(no subject)

I wonder if I can lose the rest by my sister's wedding on August 11?
22nd-May-2007 10:54 am(no subject)
Well my weigh in this morning was down to 231.5 so maybe the excess weight was fluid from surgery and infection.
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